Why use printed materials for dissemination?

Advancement of technology and the virtual world taking on ever greater proportions. Still companies ask themselves if they should still invest in printed materials. It is true that in the last few years the online advertising market has grown. The digital medium has a greater and faster reach. A more detailed and accurate measurement of results. And a possibility of interaction with the public at least interesting. Even with all these attractive features, companies still invest in traditional media. Including the likes of printed materials. This type of disclosure still leads to most investments.

printed materials for dissemination

Because? With all the speed of the virtual world it is very difficult, almost impossible, for a monitor to replace the experience of seeing something. With your hands, with your eyes, with your sense of smell… In short, what we can call “real” experience! The printed material brings this reality to the public. Who upon receiving a catalog, for example, experience the texture, colors and definition of the images. Also, people are not connected all the time and the printed material breaks this limitation.

For some time not all companies could take advantage of this type of campaign. Because it was necessary to produce a large circulation for the unit cost to become viable. But the technology of the printing industry has also advanced, and this is no longer true today. Of course, the cost per unit always decreases when a large volume is produced. But it has been some time since the production of small quantities of printed materials has become viable. Now serving thousands of companies that were previously excluded from this market. The various finishing options, special papers, perforations, ennobles, etc., are within everyone’s reach.

It is worth saying then that the ideal is balance. Of course, in today’s dynamic world, no company can afford to not be present on the Internet. But that does not mean that printed materials can’t coincide. As technological as things have become. Having a business card, a catalog and a letterhead still contribute to your company image. of the company and the credibility that it passes to the market.

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