What is the ideal envelope for my business?

Envelopes are common materials in corporate environments, but can be used by any type of person. The envelope template itself helps you decide how to use it, whether it is for sending letters, documents and other uses.

In today’s article, we list the three most common envelope templates and how you can use them in your business.

Lets go!

Document Envelope
This envelope template is widely used in sending documents, proposals, contracts, budgets and all kinds of business or institutional documentation. For this reason it is not very common to see people buying them for personal purposes that do not involve any kind of business dealings.

The model in the measurements 9 x 12 in are more suitable for production, because they carry the average measurement used in documents, usually printed in A4 formats. Even when the use is for documents with higher dimensions that, when folded, end up taking the A4 average.

Booklet Envelope Template
A little similar to the document model, with differences in its size 7 x 10 in. The booklet envelope template can be used in sending ordinary mailings and is one of the main means of sending promotions, mailing and promotional actions to clients.

Sending postcards, for example, can be done with this envelope template.
For promotional actions, the ideal is to customize the envelope so that it represents your goal. Thus, the customer is impacted since receiving the envelope.

Window Envelope Template
The envelope in the window template is the most distributed template. You can find it in consumer billing correspondence like power bills, credit card, phone, pay TV and others. For this reason, we can say that it is also a model used in corporate environments.

With a size of 5 3/4 x 8 in, the envelope in the legal template can also be used to send documents, contracts and other papers that can be folded.

In promotional actions, it is worth investing in creative and attractive layouts. However, if the purpose of using the envelopes is corporate, the ideal is to maintain sobriety, applying only the brand’s visual identity.

Ready to produce your envelope? Contact us and we can send you the proper template to produce your personalized envelopes. Download the template as necessary, assemble your layout and make an online quote.

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