What is a UV coating finish? Get better results

What is a UV coating finish? Why use it?

UV coating is a feature widely used to improve the quality of the prints, providing brightness, smoothness and revival of colors, while increasing the resistance of the holder, light, heat, etc. There are two ways of applying this process: in detail, giving sophisticated and fine air to the printed – known as spot UV – or in the whole material – flooding the paper.

1. What is the UV coating finish?

It is the application of a transparent coating throughout the entire length of the product.

2. What is the difference between UV coating and lamination?

UV coating is the application of a transparent polymer. However, lamination is a transparent film that can be matte or glossy.

3. Does paper weight influence the application?

Yes. Only papers above 170g can be coated. Likewise, for questions about weight, email us at anytime.

4. What materials can receive this process?

UV Coating Spray

5. Is it possible to apply spot UV on the front and back of the material?

Yes. Spot UV can be applied in more than one area. Both sides of the paper can be coated, or one fully coated and the other side spot coated.

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