How to use templates in your creations

How to use templates in your creations

Why use templates? Have you ever been in doubt about how to set your art properly for printing? It is an incredibly common mistake, that ends up interfering with the quality of the final project. We strive to make sure little hiccups like this can be avoided in the future. We explain in detail how to use our templates in your future projects.

Using templates in your creations

What are Templates?

It is worth considering that currently the templates provided are in Illustrator, directed to all products, and in Photoshop, for products of up to two pages whose production process allows the use of bitmap graphics. For all products with a format defined on the site, it is possible to find a template. For custom formats, it is necessary that the client create their art according to the measures purchased.

The templates and instructions are made available on our website and by request. We aim to help customers create their prints according to the specifications of each product. They are like a guide, indicating the size of the art, the safety areas – margins that limit the safe area for applying important information – reading orientation, the colors possible for printing according to the product, and completion of the file.

Use process

Even before they are posted to the site, the templates are produced from research. After receiving the technical information of the product, we created the templates in Illustrator – and photoshop for compatible formats – always seeking to identify what are the best ways to explain the characteristics of a given item to customers.

When already placed on the site, the procedure is simple. After downloading the template on our website and opening the corresponding software, customers should follow the layers and execute the creation in the ‘art’ area. It is also very important to check the instruction file – in PDF format – made available along with the template to make sure things are done properly. If in double we are always available to guide you along the way.

How to save the final file

It is important to verify that the spelling is correct and with fonts greater than 6pt if the images are incorporated into the file. If the colors used are in conformity with the production process – CMYK or spot colors. We recommend also saving an editable version of the file before converting the texts into curves and deleting the layer of ‘instructions’.

To save the file for printing: Use the .pdf extension in the PDF/X-1a configuration, without the cut marks and with bleed enabled for use according to the file – Marks and Bleeds > in “Bleeds” > “Use Bleed Settings” option.

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