The Black in CMYK – Get the darkest color

Black is one of the most used colors. As we have just analyzed, by the union of the four main colors it is possible to compose a huge range of new colors. By mixing large quantities of these four colors, we approach the black. So why should there be a black color?
The reason is that there would be an unnecessary waste of ink and certain low (thinner) papers would have no resistance to such a high volume, resulting in a poorly finished product.

See below an illustration of how to arrive at similar colors using different percentages:

The first composition unites 100% of each color (300%) to reach the gray. In the second composition, we obtain a similar but pure color, using only 90% of black. The result of the color is the same, but the use of paint is different.
A common problem occur in the composition of black color. There is no need to use all four colors (400%) to get to a color that is already in the process. 400% black is not recommended for overloading material.

Using 400% Black when printing

CMYK Black

When it is necessary to “load” the black so that it has a brighter and dense appearance, we recommend that it be set to 30% cyan and 100% black. This black is usually called black plating.
Finally, remember that in particular for texts, you should NOT use black 400%. The reticles will hardly be in the correct position, resulting in the so-called registration error. For texts, always use 100% black.

Remember: always work with pure black (K 100%) for vectors and texts, and use black plated only for backgrounds and large areas. Thus, the fidelity and integrity of all printed colors is preserved.

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