Stickers: Versatile and fun

Stickers: Versatile and fun and in Your Face

Do you know the strategic power of stickers? They also serve as a marketing tool with great potential. Stickers have a high reach and build a positive image for your brand. Stickers are easy to notice and attract a lot of attention because they have versability and are fun.

The most commonly used formats

We have selected 4 examples for you to develop your strategy and apply in your business. Know which material is suitable for your goal. Know what the differences between the types are.
Check out the possibilities that these prints can add to your brand:

Stickers to promote brand

Use stickers to promote your business

With custom art, your brand can be applied to cars, walls, personal items, packaging, and many other places. In this case, your logo and slogan can be exposed to the public in an unusual context and spontaneously. Thus, resulting in greater recognition of your company.

Informational stickers

Informational stickers are essential for your business

These templates provide information about the product. Usually, they are also found on packaging to highlight benefits, technical characteristics, or instructions for use. Thus, the information is prominent and is easily remembered.

Seller stickers

Retail companies focus on the use of these models. They arouse interest in an almost prompt way. They create a sense of urgency and influence the sale of the product. The most common formats are “buy one get one” and “limited time sale”, aiming to increase impulse sales. Therefore, they ask for flashy colors, since the immediate highlight is fundamental.

Stickers for events

Yes, events are great locations for sticker distribution. The opportunity is a way to interact with the public and create more targeted communication – and keep your brand in the spotlight for longer.

Spread the visual identity of your business in a creative and professional way

Invest in your brand and stay in the minds of customers

  • Round – round stickers fit an occasion, plus they are great items for your unboxing.
  • Rectangular – customize creative stickers to promote your brand or gift to customers
  • Square – for packaging and smaller objects. Square stickers will accompany your customers, partners, and employees, and always keep them close to your brand
  • Oval – finalize packaging and gifts, while promoting your brand. The oval sticker is part of an amazing variety of formats for you to customize according to your creativity and demand.
  • Information Labels – identify important product information with custom labels and add more value to your business
  • Seals – Invest in the quality and safety of your unboxing. In addition to professionalism, this is a way to convey confidence in your customers.
  • Product labels – highlight your products! Let the creativity flow and draw attention to your products with unique and flashy labels

It is very important to buy quality products. Ones that will stick on various surfaces or any permanent element. Long life to the print ensures stickers promote your company for a long time.

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