What is Soft Touch and how to use it in printed materials

What is Soft Touch and how to use it in printed materials?

Investing in finishes like soft touch is a way to give more than a quality impression to your material. There are several types of finish. Some offer more sophistication to the product. Others protect. Some offer more vividness to the colors of your print, not to mention those that provide different touch sensations.

There are many, one more incredible than the other! We always try to work with the best and most sought after finishing options.

Check out our Soft Touch finish. If don’t know it, continue reading and understand why we decided to invest in it.

Soft Touch and how to use it in printed materials

Soft touch: what is this finish?

The Soft Touch is a type of matte lamination applied to the printed material. As in other types of lamination, matte BOPP film is the basic raw material used in the production and application of this finish. With the difference that Soft touch is velvety, which provides a soft touch to the place where it was applied.

What are the benefits?

The Soft finish protects the material from dirt, moisture and offers up to 3 times more resistance to scratches and wear caused by friction. Soft touch has an extra-matte layer 50% more matte than other types of finishes and offers fidelity in color tones.

Soft Touch and how to use it in printed materials

Where can I apply the finish?

The versatility of Soft touch allows it to be used in several types of products, not only in graphic options, but also in others from different segments.

If you search for this finish, you will notice that there are a multitude of uses and that can even cause confusion. So be careful! Only hire companies that are trusted and respected in the market.

Anyone who wants to convey a feeling of luxury and exclusivity to the materials produced by Kelly Commercial Printing, can request the application of the finish on a tag, loyalty card, gift certificate, bookmark or postcard with coated paper of any weight.

How about doing a test? Access our website and make an online quote . After you place the order and receive the material, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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