Sheets and pages, figure out which is which

In the graphical vocabulary, the words “blade,” “sheet,” and “page” have specific meanings. The term “page” corresponds to each face of the paper capable of being printed. We can say that each side of a sheet has one page, two pages per sheet (front and back). Even when not printed, these pages belong to the material. See the example below:

ANY printable FACE should be considered as a page. Practically, in a material, be it folder, magazine or book, we should count the pages as each side of each sheet. If the material has 20 pages, it will have 10 sheets and vice versa.

As we see above, every leaf has front and back, both capable of receiving impression. The front is the odd page and the reverse the even page. Each sheet of the material has two pages, even if they have not been printed.


when we refer to the number of pages of a material we include the front and back of all the sheets, including cover and fourth cover. The correct imposition of the pages of your material is done by Kelly Commercial Printing.

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