Rigid Signs: perfect for you and your business

Rigid Signs: perfect for you and your business

Have you ever wondered what rigid signs can do for your business?

Promote, announce and advertise with Rigid Signs

Inform your visitors, identify rooms and guide your employees with PS signs. You can still decorate environments and strengthen internal communication with foam board.

But what does this mean in practice?

In practice, rigid signs such as PS and Foam are used to make signs and panels. Whether permanent or temporary, signage or decorative. This is because these materials have an exclusive composition. Materials that make them resistant yet light and easy to apply.

The foam board is a kind of Styrofoam sandwiched between two papers. Recommended for decorative panels or temporary signage. PS, being a sustainable product, resists various chemicals and the action of time. Recommended for permanent use.

Due to the easy installation of these materials. Able to hang using only double-sided tape. Without the need for holes and nails, these items have also started to be used as decorative material. 

Where can I use the plates?

The plates can be used in several establishments, be they commercial or residential. This is because these products are extremely flexible and support all types of communication.

Rigid Signs are perfect for

Want some examples?

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