Promotional Printing in monumental ways

Promotional Printing in monumental ways

Promotional printing is more useful than ever. With the increase in internet access and the growth of the e-commerce market, it is necessary to have good and efficient dissemination to stand out in the midst of so many options. Therefore, it is not enough to invest only in advertising on online platforms, it is also necessary to be present in the offline world. Customers need to be analyzed not only as a target or final audience but as a multiplier of your brand also when they are not connected.

For this, the marketing strategy must provide for the disclosure of new products in promotional forms such as catalogs, folders, and personalized packaging, for example.

Promotional printing with targets in mind

Add value and increase the reach of your disclosure

According to Paypal, e-commerce sales are estimated at $ 81.3 billion, 17% more than in 2014. This is one of the few sectors with growth completely unrelated to the economic crisis.

A well-structured marketing strategy is able to further increase the reach of your advertising and create differentials for your business. The good use of printed materials, for example, can collaborate to increase sales, adding value to your product and making it stand out from the competition.

Promotional Printing at strategic points

One of the ways that online stores can use to advertise new products is through printed catalogs. Try to establish partnerships with establishments and physical companies that have an affinity with your target audiences, such as gyms, boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, or beauty salons, for example. Produce catalogs with your launches and leave them at strategic points.

Promotional Printing with Direct Mail Folders

A good strategy is to keep direct mail from your oldest and/or most loyal customers. Use this base of customers already registered to send informational folders on the news of your store. Enjoy holidays, season/collection changes, holidays, and birthdays. Don’t forget to keep your customer information up to date.

Promotional Printing for Enchanting packaging

Remember that packaging is not only used to protect and pack a certain product, it is also a powerful dissemination tool. As complex advertising pieces, they give more credibility to your online store, reinforce your visual identity and the concept of the brand. Well designed and leveraged, it is able to leverage its sales. Customize it in a way that captures the customer’s attention as soon as you receive it.

An efficient packaging must not only be resistant and well finished, but it must also contain information about your company and the product, guidelines for use, assembly, maintenance and storage/conservation, validity (if applicable), and all the data that can be used. necessary for the buyer to make the most of his investment.

The visual identity is another determining factor for strengthening the concept of your company through the packaging with the colors and logo of your online store. Also, take the opportunity to put a discount code tag on your packaging for your new product line. That way you will be strengthening the bond with your consumer and contributing to your loyalty.

Using Promotional Printing to Mark your presence in different locations

Do not forget that printed materials can help to reinforce your presence with customers on several other occasions, even if it is not at a time of purchase.

Try to keep your brand in several places, but without exaggeration, so as not to make your image tiresome. You can turn your printout into an attractive gift, for example. Note pads of varying sizes and post-its are two pieces that can be sent as a gift on special dates to the most loyal buyers or a new customer who has made a good purchase.

So, you promote your brand to a much larger audience, create a differential in relation to the competition, gain the sympathy of customers and still make yourself known by potential customers.

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