The best printouts for healthcare professionals

The best printouts for healthcare professionals

Healthcare requires any ever-growing amount of information and data. Despite the advances of the internet, it must be admitted that traditional print media is still responsible for great results when it comes to marketing. As in any healthcare institution, hospitals and clinics also need material to publicize their services and professionals.

Healthcare marketing materials

You cannot forget about this type of healthcare promotions. Here are some pieces that cannot be left out of your institutional marketing action.

Institutional Business Card

The visiting card of hospitals and clinics is different from that distributed by doctors and other professionals of the institution. Keep the information relevant and important to your actions. On the one hand, the company’s brand and on the other, the card must be personalized with the employee’s name, direct email, also direct phone, and the website.

As a healthcare company, avoid vibrant tones or very sharp details. Opt for a clean and straightforward model. Choose papers that weigh more than 65lbs, as they are firmer. Nothing worse than too soft a card. On average, a card for hospitals and clinics and other healthcare institutions must be updated every year!

Flyer and Brochures for healthcare

The printed marketing actions carried out with a flyer and leaflets have two focuses: promotional and institutional. In the first, you will produce a piece with the intention of publicizing the company. The second will be aimed at commercial presentations and congresses.

The weight is slightly less than that of the business card, but it should not be too light to avoid the low quality of the product. Finishing with varnish coating and shine will leave the piece with the ideal design. Do not produce anything larger than a sheet of letter paper. For folders with an institutional presentation, 2 folds result in perfect material. For promotional presentations, one fold is enough.

Personalized healthcare stationery

Complete stationery can also be part of print marketing. In addition to standardizing the image of the hospital or clinic, it will take the name and brand to all environments of the institution. Remember that marketing is not only done on the street, especially in the case of hospitals and clinics that have constant movement.

Mainly focus on the production and distribution of letterhead and envelope. It is through these that the company circulates official memos, email marketing, institutional release, press release, and other documents that are part of marketing activities.

The layout needs to be clean, preferably with light colors and tones only related to the brand. You should keep the letterhead, envelope, and business card pattern to make your personalized stationery even better.

Promotional Banners

Great outlets for promoting your hospital and clinic promotions. The banners are larger, located at strategic points, and have all the necessary information for prospecting and customer loyalty. Promotions can be of different sizes, the largest being 120″ x 59″. The most suitable material for printing promotional banners is vinyl, due to its durability and resistance. Now just start production! The success of a good marketing action from print is guaranteed as long as you produce them with quality.

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