Print media: Fail-proof Potential

Do you believe in the high potential of print media? It’s like the saying goes: classics never go out of style. Although most of the processes have gone online due to the numerous technological advances, promotional advertising has not died! And to prove that they can perform as well as virtual pieces, we’ll list the opportunities these materials can create to impact their marketing and communication actions.

Print media x Digital media

With the emergence of social media and web advertising, many professionals came to believe that print media would be scrapped, if not completely eliminated from advertising campaigns. Some companies have completely migrated their efforts using as justification a better cost-benefit, high exposure potential and convenience. This phenomenon is common to the emergence of a new technology, since we normally follow where masses of people go.

On the other hand, it is enough that you observe the past to realize that this positioning has no strong bases: television did not end with radio and paid channels have not extinguished the open ones. The same logic can be used for print media, since even with the various digital options and their impacts, promotional print and ads remain vital to any media mix. And it was from reflections like these and numerous studies that researchers have found that printed ads can generate many benefits for businesses and consumers, being a powerful and necessary component for any advertising campaign.

The safety of printed advertising

print media

The best way to advertise your business is to use as many channels as possible. This means that you need to invest in print media as well as digital media. Finding the right balance between various media ensures a constant flow of revenue, increased sales and new customers. And the promotional ads are guaranteed, given 4 of its main qualities:

It is a tangible material

Consumers appreciate what they can touch. Web is great for conveying fast and objective messages, but print media stay longer with the target audience. According to research by Millward Brown, tangible materials make the memory more impactful to the brain. Another factor is that magazines and newspapers can stay at home or offices for months, while internet ads disappear quickly.

Attaches credibility to the action

There’s something about print media that gives a sense of legitimacy. The excess of pop-ups and banners on the internet make the experience tiring and frightening, in addition to the possibility of contracting viruses. Promotional advertising, on the other year, present no imminent danger.

Ensures a memorable experience from the details

A visible benefit of the printouts is the prominence they can get. Because there are several options for formatspaper, finishes and printing, you can still add elements and conditions that generate a much larger experience than exclusively online actions. With this, we can consider that consumers are more engaged while reading a printed material, unlike websites, which can often confuse the consumer with excess information, external links and advertisements.

Can bring innovative results with the Cross Media technique

By integrating so-called QR code’s into promotional forms, for example, you can connect the media and create unlimited and successful impressions and experiences. The 60th Media Use Yearbook, developed and maintained in the United States, reported that U.S. advertisers spend on average $167 per person on direct mail, but have a $2,095 gain, giving them a 1300% return.

We understand that online media are currently very important tools in any campaign, but print are also vital in advertising and brand development. Now do you know how to answer if you believe in the high potential of printed? Tell us!

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