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We have prepared a checklist of the main issues you should consider when “finishing” your art. Checking the checklist avoids any issues involved with pre-printing your art. The result of the printout in the pre-press, production and finishing steps depends directly on the attention to the items in this checklist:

  • The final format and number of pages correspond to the request made on the site?
  • The file has 3mm of margin of safety and 3mm of bleed?
  • Is the file in CMYK color mode?
  • Are grayscale objects set to black (K) scale?
  • Are you using black (K) 100 and cyan (C) 30 as the “black plating” setting for large areas?
  • Fine lines (less than 2 pt) and texts (less than 8pt) have only one color?
  • Are fonts not in curves embedded in the file?
  • Was the file saved as PDF / X-1A, having cut marks and preserving 3mm bleed?
  • Has a prototype been made to check for readability errors, formatting, spelling mistakes and page order?

Online Check Results

results check online for pre print

This status makes it impossible to send the file because these “errors” directly reflect the production of the material.

Plates can be made. However, some alerts in the file deserve attention and should be reviewed by the reports.

All the technical aspects that involve the production of your file are correct and your art can be produced.

on the site there is a section of tutorials that explain step-by-step how to solve each item in the checklist. We also provide templates of each material for the correct production of your art.

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