Packaging that attracts more customers

Packaging that attracts more customers

Have you ever thought about the importance of what your packaging involves? Some packages attract more customers than others! If you believe that there is no need to pay close attention to this item, know that packaging can help a lot to increase your sales.

Packaging that attracts more customers

Studies showed that 75% of the companies that bet on design intensified their sales. 41% managed to reduce their costs. Regarding consumers, it was confirmed that customers prefer that product that has a more attractive and beautiful packaging, in addition to the practicality it offers.

Research pointed out that investing in design is a good idea, because customers tend to buy the product with the most beautiful packaging and may even try a new brand just because they have been attracted by the packaging design.

But why does this happen? By being linked to an appreciation of the consumer’s self-esteem. The packaging also has the function of connecting the product to the buyer through the visual part. This happens 93% of the time, according to Saber Agency.

Importance of product packaging

Packages are crucial to attract more customers and to have a higher sales margin. For this to occur, the packaging needs to have some specific characteristics. Thus, it must combine beauty with practicality.

Packaging that attracts more customers

The goal is for the consumer to not only find the package beautiful, but also safe and easy to use. When this connection is made, the customer instinctively goes through the loyalty process and tends to purchase other branded products. Another very important function of the packaging is to help determine the amount that will be charged for the product.

As the external part will influence feelings and perceptions in the consumer, it is normal for these elements to be added to the functionality, personality and identity of the product. The package is fundamental, because it not only adds value, but also allows to establish the positioning of the brand in the market.

How to create the most suitable packaging?

Once you understand the importance of packaging, you need to know how to create it properly.

In this sense, a good professional in the Design area is extremely important, because he will be able to unite the ideas for the package to create a harmonious result that is following the company’s strategy.

This professional knows colors, shapes, designs etc. All of this will allow the packaging to be the best possible. This does not exclude, however, an advertising test. that is, a way to verify that the package appeals to the target audience.

After being created, the packaging needs to be made available to its target audience before it reaches the market. So try it out with friends, special customers and see what they think. If necessary, adjust the model. In the creation process, also consider the product that will be inserted in the packaging, the information it needs to contain so as not to leave doubts to the consumer, the colors (which should draw the customer’s attention, regardless of whether they are strong or not), among other items .

One suggestion for colors is that you consider color psychology. For example: red is highly stimulating, encouraging actions and confidence. Blue, on the other hand, brings calm and increases contemplation and creativity. Regarding names and letters, the ideal is to opt for simplicity, without loading information, which can compromise the design of the product. So check the legal issues and try to keep the package as clean as possible.

The work as a whole

In addition to packaging, other materials can also contribute to the sales of a product. This is what we mean by the “work as a whole”. Materials that complement the customization of your product.

Labels, for example, are part of the product, as they can be added to the body of different types of products such as beverage bottles in general, cosmetic bottles and so on.

Custom tags and bags are often used in the presentation and delivery of a product. They are a complement, to further enhance the item that is for sale. These materials must be produced with care and attention, they should talk to the packaging design and have the layout and brand identity as a basis.

Results of investment in packaging

Having an attractive packaging can bring important results and linked to the marketing area. As you saw, the idea is to reduce costs and retain customers. You will be able to conquer new consumers.

If you are looking for the best possible result for the package of your product, visit the Printi website and see all the possibilities of complementation, such as stickers, tags, labels, tags etc.

Everything you need is available and you can quote online, choosing the options offered or choosing a customized format. Don’t waste time and get your packaging ready to attract more customers.

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