Open or Closed Format and why they matter

The difference between “open format” and “closed format” usually generates a lot of divergence during the contact between the client and the graphics. Simply put, the open format is the material before receiving finishes (especially the fold). The closed format is the format of the material at the end of production, after folds and finishes. An example to understand this difference is to compare a folder with two folds in letter format, both open and closed.

Note that when working in an open format, the lettersize appears at the beginning of the process, before the material is folded and closed, the closed format is not the letter, but the known “DL”.
In this example, the open format is not the lettter. The folding process will cause the material to achieve the desired closed shape. We started with a material 3 times wider than letter and finished in letter closed form.
Remember if:

When making your quotation with Kelly Commercial Printing, use the closed format of the material as a reference and always pay attention to the budgeted format. Download the templates available on the site in case of doubts about formats and folds.

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