Printing as a marketing tool in law firms

Printing as a marketing tool in law firms

Promotional forms for law firms adapt to the market reality. They allow law firms to contribute to the strengthening of brands and professionals. The variety of materials offered is separated into institutional and promotional forms.

Institutional Forms for law firms

Law firms need printing

Including Business cards, Letterheads, Notepads, and Envelopes used on a daily basis. Each has its own use case described below.

1.5″x3.5″ Round Corner Template .125″ Radius

The business card is the basic promotional form for any professional. It must contain contact information such as telephone, email, and address. These forms must stand out. So not to be tossed in the drawer. They are important tools for spreading the word. Invest in quality and creativity while taking into account your area of ​​expertise. Deliver to potential customers, attach to letters and documents, or pocketed in folders.

Do you know what are the advantages of having a custom letterhead?

The main one is the standardization of your visual identity. Keeping a constant image with the customer. A letterhead also increases the savings that the company will make. Not needing to print in color will save your company the waste of paper and ink. With wrong attempts attests to the credibility of the document, among others.
In general, this form usually has the logo and contact information. Including name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.

4″x6″ Post Card Template

Used both for internal notes and distribution as a gift. The central concept is to keep the personalization of the sheets. Including logo and contact information so that the client remembers its services. contributing to the dissemination of the professional and/or law firm. For the layout, you must use elements related to the direct and keep a good blank space for annotations.

Used to send material through service providers. Can also provide a more professional document exchange. Information such as sender and recipient must be considered for the layout. Envelopes come in two standard formats: legal and bag.

Promotional forms for law firms

Pamphlets are usually printed in small sizes. With the goal of transmitting quick information about a product or service.
For lawyers, the content of this and other promotional forms must be informative. For example, explaining a law or article of interest to the target audience. Distributed in large quantities. Which will take the name of the office and/or professional to its audience. Using a specific segmentation targeted by the law firm.

The reasons that make them popular are their cheap marketing and easy distribution. It is possible to create a quality pamphlet. Take into account the image you want to convey. Hire professionals to develop the layout, and do not neglect the print quality.

2″x8″ Post Card Template

Postcards can adapt for use by law firms and professionals. Since they can be used to congratulate the client on an important date. Launch a new website page. Or create collections related to the area of ​​expertise. One suggestion is to develop collections of laws and articles. Explained by means of images and simple language. Alerting your client to consult whenever necessary. As long as it has a focus on informational content. These can also be handed out at events.

  • Folder
5.25″x10.5″ Presentation Folder Template

The folder, in its simplest form, is defined as a pamphlet with folds. For this form to be well used, the information must be distributed and diagrammed in reading order. It starts with the cover and ends with contact information. Lawyers can use these forms as journals or personal presentations (office). Always focusing on the content of interest to the target audience. On each page, put headings indicating the main message of the page. As it is important that the information is found and that the customer keeps it.

  • Catalog

The Catalog is traditionally used to promote products. However, with a simple adaptation of content. This form becomes an impeccable institutional presentation. With the possibility of a cover, a description of the office’s policy, and its services, it conveys a professional and trustworthy image to the client. It is wrong to believe that these forms should be used only by large offices.

Several other printed materials can be adapted to the reality of professionals and law firms. The important thing is to use creativity and remember the basic rules imposed by the bar.

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