Letterhead: 6 Must-Use Occasions and Opportunities

Letterhead: 6 Must-Use Occasions and Opportunities

Companies that have effective corporate letterhead are able to transmit professionalism and credibility to their customers and to the market itself. One item, in particular, is of importance specifically because it is the platform with which your company will close deals and deal with bureaucratic and economic matters: the letterhead.

Letterhead can be used for various occasions. There are those that are essential to use. You must use the company logo, as well as presenting the same colors and composition that corresponds to the visual identity of your business. This is necessary precisely for letterhead to work with the other items of corporate stationery, such as the business card, for example. As this piece will be used for printing company documents, it is recommended that it be letter size (8.5 x 11 in).

Letterhead Printing

Most entrepreneurs still don’t know which situations they should or should not use this stationery, we prepared this post with 6 situations in which the use of this material is indispensable. Let’s check it out?

1. Budgets

Budgets can be documents for internal use (circulation of information) or external (accountability). Because of this, these documents require a more serious, professional level of representation, and the use of letterheads here is essential.

2. Orders

Again, orders can be placed internally (between boards, for example) or externally (between company and supplier). As often as requests are simple, the standardization of the paper where a particular service or product will be requested shows the company’s professionalism and conveys the idea of ​​credibility to your business.

3. Declarations

Precisely because they are more formal and have the function of passing on a message to other people, statements are also items that ask for a more sober platform to be taken seriously.

4. Internal documentation

A mistake that many businessmen comment on is precisely to worry so much about external communication that they forget about internal communication. Its employees, directors, and executives also constantly communicate with each other on matters that are of interest to the company and, therefore, the standardization even of the papers they use shows great concern and appreciation for their own corporate environment.

5. Contracts

Establishing partnerships and doing business with other people or companies is a routine practice of any company. These actions are undeniably important and the use of letterhead on these occasions is more than recommended: it is a must.

6. Letters

Once again entering the realm of internal and external communication, the use of letterhead for letters is indispensable. After all, there is no way to pass credibility if your business is not concerned with the communication platform, is it?

To learn more about the importance of letterhead for the image and communication of your company, do not hesitate to read our post that explains the subject in a very didactic way.

Do you know of other situations in which you cannot stop using letterhead? Tell us in the comments below!

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