Mother's Day - Get ready to sell more

Mother’s Day – Get ready to sell more

Mother’s Day is the second-best date of the year for the retail sector, second only to Christmas. For this reason, it is an excellent excuse for good business.

Happy Mother's Day

To increase sales, stores in various segments create campaigns to encourage consumption. Enhance the period, celebrating the month instead of the day. To do this, it is necessary to inform your audience about the news for the date. Including any products, and the current promotions. If possible, offer gifts to attract even more customers.

Posters are excellent for communication pieces. Placed throughout the establishment. These call for a simple and straightforward layout, which allows remote reading.

The pamphlets are traditional and very well accepted by the public. Distributed in the establishment, in a self-service style, or by the employees themselves. It usually focuses on a single product or product line. Highlights the main differentiators. Which may be related to an emotional appeal or discount.

The tags are differentiated prints. With high added value, which signals the concern of with its audience. If you offer package service for gifts or sell packaging. Develop personalized tags, with personal messages, special for Mother’s Day.

Include your logo, so that your brand is part of a moment so special that it is the exchange of gifts.

And if you want to guarantee even more results. Remember that these relate to the attitude of the salespeople such as motivation. The achievement of individual goals, good humor, and enthusiasm. Offer specific training, emphasizing each one’s responsibility and role.

Make a banner with information about the goal. Distribute personalized stickers and bookmarks. Include messages of encouragement. If necessary, create an informational folder about the campaign. Include tips to increase individual sales.

The setting is yet another artifice to influence the sales decision. The idea is to escape the gondolas and shelves. Making the consumer feel the shopping experience. Malls and supermarkets, for example, use special decorations. All of which is attractive to customers.

No matter the size of your business. Be prepared to increase sales on holidays and, especially, on Mother’s Day. Be creative and stand out amidst the chaos of advertisements and promotions.

Want a tip for Mother’s Day?

Think about how you can attract people using the five senses of the human body.

Start promoting promotions in advance, so your audience can prepare for purchases. Then, make a new disclosure, different from the previous week. Change colors, lower prices, choose items appropriate to the date. Bet on the cash sale and, if necessary, hire promoters.

Remember that, in commemorative periods, sales of products related to these dates soar. The POS is still the place where the consumer makes the purchase decision.

Get ready to sell more! Get ready for Mother’s Day now!

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