Get ready for Easter 2022

Quick Get ready for Easter 2022

We blinked and Easter has arrived – it was not just your impression. But during the current situation, have you had time to get organized? Kelly Commercial Printing can help you! Get to know our capabilities and get ready for Easter 2022 in a fully attainable and personalized way.

Make Easter 2022 special

Investing in custom packaging is a strategic way to expand your company’s visibility. The technique allows the building of a unique relationship with each client – learn more about the subject knowing the unboxing experience. This year 79% of all americans will celebrate Easter with their families and friends. With the celebration they will be spendings upwards of $21.7 billion dollars according the the NRF. You dont want to piece out on your piece of that money.

As we emerge from the pandemic, it is essential to diversify production to highlight your brand. Check out our special tips for the date and start to prepare!

Yes, it’s time to think about your Easter deliveries. And this year you can – and should – explore different ways to highlight the quality of your products.

Stay on top of your customers and leverage your sales on the second sweetest date of the year.

Hang Tags

Did you know that tags have the power to reinforce your brand in a very elegant way? By using tags, you can leave an inspiring joy, thanks, or even include a product consumption guide.

Oval Stickers

For those who like the classic oval sticker, your Easter can also carry a lot of customization! Explore the variety of colors and illustrations.

Planters & Baskets

Easter Bunny, what do you bring me? The Easter basket is one of the most booming requests of the season. It’s your chance to highlight your products uniquely! While planter has all the charm you need to make your Easter delivery complete – in addition to being a great option to store your products creatively.

Display Box

Easter Display Box

The display box allows your chocolates to be displayed uniquely and safely.

Scratch Pad

It is very important to keep the organization to deliver orders on time. The scratch pad is the ideal product for taking orders and writing recipts– take the opportunity to unleash your creativity on sweet ideas.


Flyers are the right way to promote your products and services at the second sweetest time of the year. You can also take the opportunity to apply price lists and flavors.


Easter Posters

With personalized posters, the spreading of your products can have an even greater reach. Remind your audience of the taste of your chocolate.


Add color your Easter, custom stickers are perfect complements!

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