Requesting A Quote 8 Thing to Consider

Requesting A Quote 8 Thing to Consider

Requesting a quote

1 .Product definition

What do we want to quote? Hardcover book, softcover book, magazine, booklet, leaflet, etc.

2. Format

It refers to the size (width x height). It is advisable to mention the closed format and the open (or extended) format, since it allows the contributor to know the orientation of what is being requested. In the case that it is a loin product, it is not counted when describing the open format.

3. Interior

  • Kind of paper -The type of paper and weight should be indicated.
  • Color – It refers to the amount of inks to print inside. Offset printing normally uses four-color (CMYK). It is mentioned as follows: 4/4 to indicate that 4 inks are used to print the shot and 4 for withdrawal. It is possible that a product is only 1/1, 2/2 or has special colors. In these cases, it is important to mention which inks will be used and in the case of special colors, specify the Pantone.
  • Terminations – It is possible that some publications contemplate terminations, such as protective varnish, polytermolamine (plasticized), selective varnish, etc. It is important to mention the terminations, where they apply and what area they cover.

4. Number of pages

Refers to total pages and is one of the most import things in a qiote. If it is a diptych, triptych or similar, the number of faces is counted. For example, a diptych has 4 faces, a triptych 6 faces, etc. If you want to quote a book, the number of inside pages is mentioned, leaving aside the covers and / or guards.

5 Important Quote aspects with pages

  • Cap Description – It should be described what type of cover it is: hard cover, soft cover, triptych cover, four-fold cover, flap cover, etc. The important thing is to give as much information as possible. What weight is the cardboard? How long are the flaps?
  • Kind of paper – The type of paper and its weight must be indicated. Normally, a paper of greater weight than the one used inside is used.
  • Color – It refers to the amount of inks with which the lid is printed. It may be a 4/4 printed cover, as it is in the case of magazines or catalogs, but if it refers to a hardcover book, 4/0 should be placed. That is, only the shot is printed, since the withdrawal is placed in the cardboard.
  • Terminations -Normally, the covers contemplate a variety of finishes, either protective or aesthetic. In the first case, it can be a varnish or a polymermolamine (plasticized) and in the second, selective varnish, folios or wedges, among others. It is important to mention where these terminations apply and, if necessary, what area they cover.

6. Binding

The type of binding should be mentioned: Spiral, Hotmelt, PUR, Sewing Thread, Brackets, Banding, etc. In the case of hardcover books, the characteristics of the guards (paper type, color, etc.) must be specified.

7. Number of copies in a quote

Number of copies This will also depend on whether the product will be printed in offset or digital. High runs are generally offset printing and low runs, in digital.

8. Additional elements when forming a quote

It refers to all the additional elements that the product may require: Girdle, Dust Jacket, Bridle, Mark pages, Tapes, Elastic, etc. They must be specified in the same way as the main product (description, format, color, etc.) with all its characteristics.

For greater accuracy, a good alternative is that the budget request is accompanied by a reference photo of what you want to quote.

When requesting a quote, it is essential to consider these 8 points. It is possible that in some cases it is not necessary to consider them all, but it is never too much to review them so as not to forget anything important. In case of requiring additional services, such as pre press, packaging, distribution or delivery times, it is advisable to talk with the printer, since the working modes may vary depending on each one.

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