Custom Business Folders

Custom Business Folders that excel

Promotional folders have been one of the most used promotional and advertising tools. Used for businesses of all sizes. A traditional and well-accepted form of messaging by all consumers.

The folders should not be used only a promotion uses. Since they are one of the most profitable forms. They display a convenient and friendly advertising ‘paper’. See how to use this form, either for institutional or promotional publication.

Folders for institutional use

Folders are not only for promotional ads but also as a presentation of a brand and/or product.

If you are going to open a business, a good tip is to distribute some folders before launch. With institutional arguments, but that arouse the curiosity of your future customers. But, if your brand is already on the market. Folders highlight important numbers of the company and gain even more credibility.

Unlike pamphlets and leaflets, which are more promotional printed. Folders are produced in smaller runs since communication is more focused.

Companies that contribute to social causes. Inserting information about the way they operate can gain new followers for the actions. Additionally to disseminating brand awareness whenever the folder circulates among people. Making it more friendly to the target audience.

The folder can also be promotional

If you intend to develop a promotional action and want to use this form. Use the layout and explore the possibilities of folds. Enter a discount code to encourage experimentation with the product and/or service. Attract the consumer to your point of sale. And to be a way of measuring the results of distribution.

Folders are widely used by restaurants and pizzerias. Great especially if there are home delivery services. Companies of all sizes use the printed matter as a way to publicize the menu and promotions.

Quality is synonymous with results

There is little point in well-designed campaigns. An impactful call, and an attractive layout if the quality of the print is not adequate for your audience.

Even for low-run planning, it is possible to guarantee quality. We offer offset printing for packages as small as 50 units. Included in the convenience of buying online folders.

You can also choose to keep an online presence, send it by email, or make it available for download on your website.

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