Colors and their successful combinations

Colors and their successful combinations

There are some basic rules for applying colors that can help the development of art and design. To convey the feeling of security, for example, the combination of blue and white is ideal. This is because colors affect us and enhance sensations. Giving them meaning and value.

It is not enough to choose an ideal color. It is necessary to study different combinations. Understand which is the most suitable for the requirements of communication.

Blue and yellow, original and pleasant combination

blue and yellow

This is an easy-to-use combination, as it pleases most users. Preference to blue in large areas and texts, exploring its different shades. Yellow is used for details and some art highlights.

Blue and orange, fun and entertainment

blue and orange

Blue and yellow, combining shades of grayish blue with bright orange. Gives an excellent result. Orange has the property of warming up blue, which is a cool color, giving a modern and differentiated look. This combination is perfect for print related to fun and entertainment.

Green, a careful choice


Green is a color considered ‘dangerous’ by design and advertising professionals. A careful choice of shades of this color. Combined with white, makes the layout pleasant and sophisticated. Explore combinations with metallic greens and white, which suggest cleanliness and good taste. Other variations combining light and dark tones. Green is the symbol color of hope, prosperity, and nature. Related to the practice of physical activities.

Gray and red, elegance and strength

gray and red

This combination calls for lighter shades of gray. With some points highlighted by graphite tones. When applying red, the combination suggests strength and ‘warms’ the shades of gray.

Gray and blue, cool and pleasant combination

gray blue color

Although cold, this combination is very pleasant. They are classic and sophisticated tones. They are indispensable when you don’t want to risk them. It is necessary to pay attention to its tonalities. Pure blue, if applied to large areas or texts, tends to displease the eyes, due to its strength. For gray, caution is for graphite tones that, if applied over large areas, can make the look heavy.

Gray and black, intimidating combination

Gray black color

The combination of these two colors makes the layout elegant and very sophisticated. In this combination it is possible to abuse the lighter shades of gray, leaving the details to black.

Avoid black backgrounds so as not to make reading difficult. Remember to keep a clean and pleasant layout.

Black, red and white

Black, red, white color

Black and red are heavy colors that, alone, should not be used. With the predominance of white, these two colors can give an imposing aspect to any art. Apply them in detail and highlight points. You can’t go wrong!

Basic color combinations can be used as a reference.

Remember that they should be determined based on your audience. Pay attention that the combination gives legibility to your print. And make it pleasant to the eye. Explore your creativity and use colors in favor of your business.

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