CMKY Printing, the mystery behind the colors

The printing process used by Kelly Commercial Printing is offset printing. In this process, the color is formed by the half tone lattice method. This method makes use of small dots (reticles) of color to reach the possible tonalities varying between diameter (size) of the points and the spacing between them. This method causes an optical illusion, causing the brain to identify the colors according to the spaces and sizes of the points. Below, we have an enlarged cross-sectional illustration for percentages of black:

The transition from gray to black is possible by varying the size of the points. The darker shades are affected by the increase of points and the consequent decrease of the white spaces. For coloring, the process is the same, using the CMYK color mode. This acronym stands for: See below an illustration of how to arrive at similar colors using different percentages:

For color printing, the graticule are positioned at a certain angle. Cyan and magenta reticles will result in purple, as well as yellow and magenta will result in red. With the union of these four main colors it is possible to generate a vast number of colors, simply changing their relative percentages (size of points), as well as their spacing.


in CMYK (chromia) printing the final colors are composed of the four main colors. Green, for example, is the result of mixing cyan and yellow.

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