How do I calculate the amount of sales material I should order?

Calculate the amount of sales material I should order?

Sales material are the backbone of pretty much every business. Even with the arrival of all the digital technology we currently have and the power of dissemination of social media, one of the most effective and guaranteed ways to spread brands, products and services remain printed promotional materials. Business cards, institutional folders, flyers, and product catalogs available in a folder, with your company’s visual identity and key messages, they are still the preferred medium for customers. Therefore, you must know how to order the right amount of material, never miss and also not left.

Recent research shows that 89% of consumers use printed materials to find out about products or stores, while 39% go to a merchant after seeing ads in brochures. And 62% of people use printed promotional materials to get informed before making their purchases. Another 36% said they use the promotional brochures from the same day they receive them and 5% reveal to use them within seven days of receipt.

All this indicates that printed pieces of communication continue to have great relevance among marketing strategies. Ideally, companies invest evenly between print and digital. Printed material has the advantage of being able to be distributed more easily. A website, an email or a post on social networks are important, but do not cause the same effect as hand-delivering a brochure.

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Currently, the print run – which is the volume of pieces to be produced – ends up being a doubt in the minds of those responsible for the printing request with the printers. It is quite common for companies to request a much higher amount of printed material than they need. This is because of the fear that a certain amount will not be sufficient. By this misconception, companies spend more and also run the risk of having to unuse part of the ordered material.

This is due to the dynamism and speed of changes within companies. Products are no longer produced, strategies are reevaluated, people change jobs, business units are closed, addresses are modified. All of this often occurs and make obsolete a communication piece that contains this information.

Responding to how the customer can calculate the amount of material for your company is an impossible task. Or rather, the answer is “depends”. The quantities will depend on several aspects, among them:

  • Company size: no matter the size of the business you will need sales material, its just a matter of how much
  • Amount of information and key messages to be disclosed;
  • Purpose of the material.
  • To whom it is intended.

It is best to choose which sales material you will print. With this information in hand, talk to the service of the printer you have chosen. Certainly, they will ask you about the aspects mentioned above. But then they will be able to guide you on the most appropriate quantities for your case.

Why is it important for the company to have promotional sales material?

Who has a quality promotional material has a differential in the market. The messages contained in well-diagramming and visually appealing pieces inspire credibility. It is a form of dissemination with an excellent cost/benefit ratio and a safe means of making a professional presentation of your company.

The variety of kinds of promotional prints is great. From business cards and catalogs, through folders, flyers, flyers and notebooks to posters, posters, letterhead and envelopes and folders.

Our team can explain what benefits a correct calculation is and also which sales material are best suited for your case.

Remember: if you still have any questions about promotional materials, leave it to us in the comments!

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