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Business Card

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The business card is a business item and extremely important for the personal and promotional presentation of a company. It gives a professional look to any company or business. Business cards are used to connect and reach customers and clients. It must be produced in a way that draws attention and, above all, transmits confidence to other professionals.

Its key feature is to give the contact the necessary contact information about the professional and company he represents. Avoid overly loaded layouts and invest in creativity only if your segment allows it. In some cases, maintaining structure and tradition is the best option.


Business cards are the main personal presentation forms available. For it to be efficient and fulfill its role, insert only relevant information, which helps in its identification.


Keep the contact details on the same side of the business card. This way it is easier to identify the professional, area of ​​activity, and the company. Want to highlight your logo? Select the Soft-Touch finish, to give a touch of delicacy.


Colors are fundamental in the purchase decision process. Remember: colorful models are kept for up to 10 times longer!

The best impression with Business Cards

The visual identity of the company must be evidenced, to help in memorizing the customer. Kelly Commercial Printing offers several options for you to create your card, according to your needs and expectations, maintaining the visual identity of your brand.

Choose the best format, paper type, and finish. We can help you find one that best suits your need and your budget.

Feel free to reach out to us for any templates you might need., if you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to reach out to us.