Booklet, Catalog and Magazine Printing


Print your booklet, magazine or catalog

The booklet is a very common promotional print on the market. Similar to the catalog, in its objective, but different in its material configurations, the booklet aims to show through images the products available in the portfolio and important information of the company.

The images in the magazine must be of high quality and occupy practically the entire space of the pages. The information for each product must be close to the photo of the product. It is important to define the layout so that the book also contains a brief description of the products, a reference code, and the price.

There are companies that prefer not to disclose prices ​​in their catalogs, it is up to you! But be careful, just like the catalog, when the catalog is used to promote products, it must have an “expiration date”, as it must be aligned with the available products. That is, if the products change it is necessary to make a new one.

The best impression for booklet printing

Here you will find the most diverse options to develop your catalog, being able to personalize in detail both the cover and the core. To better meet different demands, we have multiple formats with the possibility of up to 120 pages each.

In addition, you can also choose the type of printing, paper and finish desired. Booklets are a great opportunity to reach potential customers who have never even heard of your store or company, and also to keep them loyal to your products.

If you need a template for any type of project, feel free to reach out and we can send you one that fits your needs.