Is Black Friday a strategy for all business sizes?

Is Black Friday a strategy for all business sizes?

Do you know the concept of Black Friday? Have any idea how to apply it to your business? Do you know if it’s the right strategy for your business? We can help you! In today’s content, you will understand the operation of this discount period. Learn how to direct the best techniques to your brand, and sell well beyond a single day with exclusive support.

Black Friday concept

Black Friday means a way of referring to the concept of celebration. Which is a commercial event in which companies offer discounts on a variety of products and services.

The first appearance of the expression Black Friday dated September 24, 1869, in the United States. At that time, the price of gold increased considerably. Resulting in a kind of break in the economy in the middle of Friday. Over time, as early as 1950, the term gained a new meaning. A day when people were missing work to amend with the weekend. Taking into account that the last Thursday of November  celebrated as Thanksgiving. Supposed days of rest used for Christmas shopping. Approaching the current context.

Black Friday Printing

What are you going to do differently this black friday?

Culturally, people wait for dates like this to fulfill their wishes, taking advantage of the opportunity that low prices offer. However, consumers are more selective than ever. As one of the side effects of the pandemic that significantly increased delivery deliveries and ended up intensifying the processes of companies, which must now cherish quality from the purchase journey to after-sales. “You must ask yourself “what am I going to do differently this year?” or, if it’s your first appearance on Black Friday, “how can I bring my differential?”

The fact is that Black Friday goes beyond just one Friday, as the Manager describes. “It’s a time to think beyond, don’t just make a sale, win a customer before, during and after,” highlighting the relevance of dedication in each of the processes. “An important point: the idea is that there is a higher volume of commercial-facing actions, but it is essential to determine return goals. It all starts with good planning to what you will promotional and how. In differentials also comes the research of products that present margin, especially in a scenario of increased inflation and pandemic”, he concludes.

Sales vs. Visibility

Two counterpoints analyzed when you think of Black Friday: sales and visibility. It means that the date is not necessarily based on increasing sales volume, it is also about bringing visibility to your business. “The biggest premise is to respect the moment of your company. It’s okay to be at the beginning and don’t feel safe to open a range of discounts, you can invest in something that goes far beyond acquisition: prospecting experience,” points out the Commercial Manager.

From there, it is worth rethinking your strategies not as a way to sell, but as a channel to conquer and retain. “During this period, you can think about how to offer legal care, since the current conditions still require care. The possibilities are endless, explore your creativity,” he says.

Print Friday

But how is the planning of Print Friday 2021? “Before the big moment, we went a long way here inside Printi along with all areas. We designed a preview to define the objectives as clearly as possible, since our focus involves both the B2B and B2C audiences, although we work on the same product line with the same strategy”, says Regi. Remember we talked about differential? Well, we applied this technique around here, too. “This year, for example, we are focused on micro-entrepreneurs. Which is an audience that has grown and been growing a lot in recent months,” he adds.

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