How to choose the best menu for your restaurant

How to choose the best menu for your restaurant

A customer’s experience in a restaurant starts with the menu. If you intend to sharpen the palate and promote interest in your dishes, making this experience something pleasant, it is essential to take some precautions when designing the design of this graphic material.

restaurant menu printing

A menu that is easy to read and understand and with a beautiful design is the first step to promote customer satisfaction upon arrival at your restaurant. For it to be a beautiful, clean menu and to have a good presentation, you also need to take some precautions regarding the printing material.

We have separated some tips that will help you in this task, of investing in the right material to create a perfect and very durable menu.

Printing material

Spilling food and drink on the menu is something that happens very often in every restaurant. For this reason, printing your menu on plain paper without any treatment can cause it to become dirty and greasy quickly, also damaging the restaurant’s image.

It is necessary to choose a good paper for the printing of your menu, with heavier weights that tend to be more resistant and tend to absorb less waste. To prevent the menu from getting dirty easily, another tip is to cover them with plastic films that benefit cleaning and durability.


A menu needs to be clear, easy to view, providing a pleasant read. So, no pile of letters to explain each dish.

Choose reasonably sized letters that are easy to read. The type of font needs to be aligned both with the visual communication of the restaurant, as well as with the menu itself. When in doubt about the type of font, look for the serif fonts that usually provide a more pleasant reading.

Enter the description of each dish, save some blanks. The so-called “breaths” are another resource that usually makes reading easier. Try to highlight the dishes that are the flagship of the house. Bold or text boxes are good resources that should be used to enhance these dishes.

Finally, it is essential not to overdo the colors, so that reading does not become tiring.

restaurant menu printing


Some restaurants choose to insert photos on the menu, however, you must be very careful with this choice.

Amateur photos hamper the presentation of dishes and highly produced photos end up generating expectations in customers that, in the end, can generate frustration. This is a sensitive topic, so please carefully consider the use of photos.


Most customers are guided by the price and not the dishes. To facilitate this comparison, try to align the prices on the right margin of the page.

If you intend to give more prominence to the dishes, however, try to leave the price after the description of the dish. This will make the customer read the content before assessing the value.

With these tips your menu will be much more attractive, focusing the customer’s attention on the dishes and generating a pleasant experience from the first contact.

What did you think of these tips? Do you have doubts about how to create a perfect menu? Leave your comments below and share your experience with us!

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