7 Unique Point of Sale Materials

Americans are naturally known as a consumerist because we have a certain tendency to make impulse purchases. But last year, a survey was conducted interviewing 3,000 people to understand the new consumption behavior in the face of this pandemic. To our surprise, it was found that 88.4% of respondents intend to reduce this impulsivity and 72%. Most prefer to avoid paying high prices on a given product, even if it’s a brand they trust and love.

Point of sales are the best way to connect with your customers. However, with the downfall of in person shopping, small businesses will feel the financial impacts. The solution to this all is to invest heavily in point of sale advertising both online and off. Having varied materials for point of sale customers. What works and what doesn’t? Well it all depends on your customer.

Point of Sale Mobiles

One of the essential elements for your visual communication is the Custom Mobile. It does not take up much space. Normally suspended on the ceiling with the aid of a nylon thread. Attracts a lot of attention from customers. It is an excellent opportunity to advertise promotions of overstock in clothing and footwear stores, lightning promotions in-home appliance stores and offers of the week in supermarket chains. Discounts, launches, Black Friday, and anything else you can think of. Round mobile tend to be the most popular, followed by U-shaped mobile, and octagonal. The best practice is to choose the size that is proportional to the size of the establishment so that promotional campaigns are attractive to your audience.


There is a way to gain the customer’s attention when he is strolling in the aisles of the store and watching the shelves. Do you know how? Installing Promotional Wobblers! On both shelves and gondolas, Custom Wobblers gain prominence by exposing a product’s brand and offerings. Made of PVC and has the option of a standard or custom shape to give a style of its own. This merchandising material is small, but at the same time, it has the power to highlight the brand. When placed next to a product it helps urge the customer to buy. Works great in upsell environments where you want the focus to be on the higher priced products.

Point of Sale Totem

point of sale totem displays

The Advertising Totem, a structure or sign that rests on the floor. It is an excellent visual communication material, not only for stores to attract your target audience, but also in fairs, parties, and events, all because its vertical position draws a lot of attention from the participants. 

The Totem for information are easily found in malls. With information about stores, or displaying advertisements. Investing in custom Totems to put it in bookstores and movie theaters to announce a release or at the entrance to your store to attract your customers in an all-special way.


There’s another modern way to do good marketing inside your store. Point of sale promotional Cubes, the cube has 6 faces, you can work well in visual communication, so you can reach the maximum number of people at all angles that your customer passes through. Besides being beautiful and flashy, it is a very creative and innovative merchandising material, which has no way to let going unnoticed. You are free to use your imagination when choosing the number of cubes, what message you will pass, and how to assemble them. You can advertise a Black Friday, discount campaigns, store anniversary month, launch, and more!


When it comes to traditional poster use, you find numerous ways to use it. You can fix it to the wall inside the store or outside in windows or facades. You can use it to pass some information to your audience, such as a job openings or announcements. Use this graphic material as a more appealing strategy, announcing product offers, promotions and overstock. Make sure to display a quick and objective message so that the public can read it in a matter of seconds.

Drink Coasters

This point of sale material is essential for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, bakeries, and other commercial points that work in the food industry. With the use of a personalized menu, you can present the entire list of the menu that is offered in the establishment, divided into sections, such as sections of main dishes, side dishes, drinks, and dessert, as well as servings, pasta and other types of delicacies. 

Now imagine printing drink coasters or cup holders to serve a cold drink and keep the table very dry! In addition to the comfort, you will provide to your client, you will avoid the rework of drying the table several times. 

In addition to all this practicality, the beer coaster is super fun merchandising to customize with themes, characters, and creative phrases so that your customers have a much more pleasurable moment of entertainment even when it comes to being served. 

Not to mention that this visual communication material is perfect for your point of sale, simply because it allows the customization even of your brand, whether you own a bar, restaurant, or a kiosk. We offer round and square coasters that are also perfect for parties and events. 

Have you seen only the tips for graphic materials for POS? Well, that’s it. When it is said that disclosure is the soul of the business, it is not a simple cliché, but a strategy that works and that continues to bring impressive results.

Online shopping has indeed grown, but many customers still go to physical stores to look, touch and even smell the product. All in an effort to decide whether to buy. And even the structure of the store, such as comfort, ambient sound, service, and the quality of graphic materials, influence much in this decision. Therefore, your establishment must have visual communication that has the power to attract and persuade to purchase!

Want to stand out among the thousands of entrepreneurs around you? So invest in advertising material to put at your point of sale!  

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