6 Artistic tricks for your stickers 

Want to produce stickers and need some creative tips. Here we selected 8 artistic tricks that will transform your product. Check it out now!

1. Color palette

Colorful stickers

The color palette should take into account what you want to communicate and your purpose with the sticker. For example, if the sticker will be used as a gift in a new collection, it is best to use colors that represent this new collection! The choice of colors is always an important step because it is part of visual communication. Think about what you want to convey, represent, and symbolize and what colors bring these feelings.

2. Diecut 

Diecut stickers

The diecut brings a appeal to the stickers makeing them unique and useful for special events! Unlike standard cuts (such as square or circle), the die cut can be in almost any shape you want. Bringing much more personality to the product. To choose which shape to use, take into account which element of the sticker you want to track as part of the cut, that is: which element will become part of the final shape. This is a time to put creativity into play!

3. Creative formats

Creating a unique format stickers through special cutting certainly brings some benefits like increased product appreciation and customer attention! But here the tip is not to go overbaord. Creating very complex shapes can make it difficult to understand or even use the sticker. The idea is to use smooth curves and avoid very small details.

4. Types of materials

The stickers material may vary according to your purpose. If the sticker is going to be used somewhere with moisture, it is best to opt for water-resistant materials, as is the case with vinyl. While BOPP stickers have a reusable character, applied in products such as glass bottles, food packaging, etc. Regular Paper is a more sensitive material, but with excellent support on surfaces such as glass, cardboard, or plastic work just fine.

5. Creative purposes

As gifts for your customers, spruce the packaging of products, make your unboxing more special, and seal envelopes, bags, or boxes in a very charming way!

6. Experimentation

Try them all – one at a time, to get to know their characteristics better. Dont be afraid, use the instructions and tutorials found on the website.  If you order in smaller quanities you can see what works for you and what doesnt. Just remember to have fun.

Creative and different stickers

Create the sticker without exaggerating too much in the colors or formats. Simplicity helps the customer a lot to remember the image or drawing. Use references to help with the creative process! Think about the function of the sticker and how you would like the customer to feel when you first see it. What message do you want to communicate?

Common production mistakes

  • Do not forget to check all the aspects of your sticker and whether the size fits the purpose;
  • Measure the place where the sticker will be used. With custom sizes, you can fit almost any location or product. Just make sure you get the right size for the right area;
  • Finally, take into consideration how the sticker will be used to choose the delivery format: coil or individual! If you apply the stickers yourself to your products, the coil shape makes this an easier task. However, if the sticker will be given out to customers for them to use wherever they prefer, the individual shape brings is the better of the options.

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