5 tips for making a successful flyer

5 tips for making a successful flyer

Do you know how to make a successful flyer? To communicate creative and objective information it is necessary to know how to use this strategic tool correctly. Its usefulness covers several purposes, such as sharing a company, a product, showcasing promotions, etc. – in addition to reducing advertising costs, since its dispersal can be easily segmented in a region, event or something similar. Check out 5 tips that will help you in the production of your flyer!

What is flyer?

Produce your own flyer with quality

In the simplest form, flyer means ‘something that flies’. But returning the translation to the concept that interests us. It is a promotional print, usually small, developed for mass distribution, under the concept of ‘flying’ from hand to hand. It features impactful images and fast-read messages, resulting in an excellent marketing tool that offers great ways to represent your event, product or service, especially in high traffic areas.

It is usually produced in small formats – such as the 8.5×11 and 5.5×8.5 – and in higher weight, which differentiates them from traditional leaflets and brochures, in addition to the different options of paper, printing and finishing. We offer different stocks weights, and sizes. Along with different finishes to make sure you message gets put in the right place in front of the right people.


To be useful, it is suggested that the flyer pass on the necessary information in a simple but creative way. That’s why we’ve listed here five tips to help you develop a successful flyer. Check!

  1. Call – This will be your first – and unique – opportunity to get the reader’s attention, so it should be a short and impactful. The font should be large and colorful to give even more importance. You can also use a subtitle to complete the call, defining it if necessary.
  2. TextThe text should be straightforward to read. The goal of the flyer is to promote what the company can offer its potential customers, ie: get right to the point! In addition, it is important to give the reader enough information on how to contact the company or how to attend an event.
  3. Picture – Creating a flyer that contains only text can make you dull and boring, so be sure to include some image, photo, or illustration that depicts what you’re spreading. It is possible to find images in image banks, however, it is also interesting to use photos or images specific to the company. And that way, the flyer gets even more personalized and creative.
  4. Promotion/Discount – Dealing with promotions and discounts is one of the most efficient ways to maintain reader interest, after all, people love discounts and giveaways. A good idea is to create a coupon encouraging the potential customer to get in touch and get to know your company.

5th Design

Fullfilling all the suggestions mentioned, some basic care should be taken when making the flyers, as listed below:

  • Beware of excess fonts, use a maximum of two;
  • Attention to the size of the fonts, make sure they will be readable;
  • Beware of using colors, they must be aligned with the message you want to get across. Keep the layout simple so that the reader doesn’t lose focus on what matters;
  • Don’t forget to check for grammar or typing errors;
  • If possible, always keep the same layout for all flyers you make, this helps promote brand awareness .


The quality of the material is extremely important in attracting the attention of your target audience. Therefore, be alert for issues such as art development, closure and flyer productionKelly Commercial Printing offers the quality your product needs.

Well-made flyers are a great outreach tool. By following these tips, you will get great results!

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