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5 strategy behind the post that sell

Many studies have already proven the conversion of customers through content produced on social media and blogs creating a post that sell. But how can you create the famous “posts that sell”? Nowadays this is a challenge faced by many entrepreneurs who seek to stand out on social networks. And today you will discover the secret behind this strategy! In a special interview, Laryssa Alvesfounder of Women CEO and author of the Guide to The Content That Sells, explains the details about the way of dealing with social networks.

What is a “post that sells”?

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According to Laryssa, “post that sells” is that content that has as its main function that generates desire for the product/service. Products or services a particular company offers and converts into sales, going far beyond engagement. It is necessary to meet some conditions so that the post draws people’s attention and inspires them to start the shopping journey. As listed below, it should:

Be attractive

Don’t do more of the same, highlight your content while everyone else is stuck doing the same thing – this should be the premise for creating your content, even at the time of brainstorming. In this phase, you will be dedicated to researching your niche, competitors, innovative approaches, trend projections and even seeking differences of your company that can be explored.


Building a story for your product/service can get consumers involved and believe in your business. This interaction with post that sell can also occur in infinitely creative ways, unleashing the imagination!

Have a call to purchase

With the first two objectives fulfilled, be committed to creating a good call to purchase. After all, the purpose of post that sell is to capture customers innovatively and this requires elaborate posts. “Creating interesting content strategically is the simplest – and cheapest – way to build a strong online brand. It is through the content that you can get the attention of new potential customers, create a strong online community and consequently be able to sell without difficulty.”

How to increase the interaction in posts?

The best tip is to start paying attention to things that you normally ignore.

With the goals up to date, it’s time to put the strategies into practice. When creating post that sell do you know how to increase interaction in your posts? Author of the Selling Content Guide, Laryssa guarantees results with some skills. “Using CTA’s – an acronym that refers to the act of calling for action – is a great option, many people ignore this strategy, but it generates great results. You need to tell your audience exactly what you expect them to do.

For example: if you want them to comment on the opinion, leave in the last image or the caption of the post the phrase ‘comments here what you thought of the subject’. It sounds simple, but most people tend to take action when they are directed to it. If you don’t ask for anything, they don’t do anything,” she says.

In addition, expanding experiences can be an excellent way to stimulate creativity, all within your reach. “I always point out that people leave Instagram after trying only a little bit. Many complain that they don’t have the creativity to create good content, but the truth is that it’s hard to even when you’re ‘drinking in the same source as everyone. The larger your repertoire, the more ideas you will have. Watch movies, read books, access blogs that talk about your niche, all this can help”, recommends the professional.

Digital sales, and the post that sell

Generally speaking, post that sell is desire and connection. “People buy what they want, whether it’s from someone or a brand that they identify with and trust. If you can generate connection with your audience and also generate the desire for what you sell, then the sales process will be much easier”, she suggests.

When it comes to digital sales, transformation is the word, considering the demands that the public has been making to companies as a response to the pandemic. This change made the need for an opportunity: to open doors to the online universe. With this, care should be included in the planning of many entrepreneurs in the search for reputation. “Currently, I believe that what sets a business apart is to have good branding and clear positioning.

People are tired of brands and professionals who are ‘more of the same. You know when you go into an account, and it looks like you’ve seen the same thing? You have to put your voice and your personality in your business, comment on things that your persona is interested in, is the basics that 90% of the business does not do.”

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