5 lies about starting a busienss that have heard

5 lies about starting a business that have heard

The beginning of a career is surrounded by expectations, and starting a business is no different. However, unlike any other career, people tend to disregard the seriousness of the occupation of owning the business itself. The famous “advice” of third parties ends up being an obstacle to success. So today we brought 5 lies that you hear – or future entrepreneurs – will probably hear and should not engross for the sake of your business.

The journey of entrepreneurship

starting a business

If there is one thing you should have learned, is that undertaking is the greatest challenge you can face in your professional life. But it’s also what can make things change. “It’s the journey that makes it worthwhile being a start-up or entrepreneur.”

Starting with a lot of willingness to make it work is equivalent to a good percentage of positive results. Of course, there are countless more technical requirements, but that’s the foundation. The point is that during the entrepreneurial journey the obstacles are not only linked to aspects of the market. We find the need to demystify the most recurrent ones so that you do not leave your dream aside. 

“A big customer is better than a small one”

While winning a large customer is the dream of many entrepreneurs, putting this as a focus can hinder the performance of your business. It pays off more to have smaller and easier to handle customers to capture new ones than to put all your production capacity into just one. The biggest issue with one large customer is their ability to break the contract at any time. Leaving you back to where you started, or sometimes in a worse situation. This rule is also valid for vendors.

“You’re too young/old to start a business”

There is no ideal age to launch, after all, it is not an exact science. A great example of this is Monique Ventura, owner of the Sinestesya brand, which told a nostalgic curiosity about her trajectory.  “I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I was little my sister and I cut leaves of trees into small squares, stuck them like a notebook, glued a Disney character on the cover, and sold it at school as ‘schedules’. As I grew up, I never saw myself working for a big company, I always had a very clear image in which I ran my own company.”

“You can’t alone, you’ll need to form a partnership”

No, you don’t have to form a partnership to have a successful brand. Owning the company by itself has its responsibilities. You may soon figure out that you dont find it necessary to have a partnership or find it attractive to share the tasks. It is solely up to you to assess the relevance of a partner’s position or not.

“Sell on Instagram, just post photos”

It’s not just posting photos and videos. Behind each piece, there is very well-thought-out strategic planning. It is not only about selling, but also about winning and retaining customers. All content is developed for your target audience. So don’t get carried away by comparations like that, surely whoever makes that kind of statement has no idea what they’re talking about.

“Just give up. It’s not going to come to anything.”

You may have listened to this phrase and become unmotivated in the past. Perhaps even wondering if you are investing enough and have the driveas 79% of the people who participated in the survey have noted. But the truth is that this kind of speech can also have the opposite effect, and propel you on your journey to success.This only works if you’re the kind of person who likes to prove how wrong others are about you and your goals. If this is not the case, just disregard external and unfounded opinions. The first step is to start, the second is to remain focsed on the purpose.

Now that you’ve seen what the main lies, it’s time to give gas to your business. We got you on this!

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