5 Free Image Banks

5 Free Image Banks You Should be Using

Anyone who is a designer or works with content production knows how important it is to have at hand some good databases of free images to access in cool way photographs, illustrations, and photos of all kinds. In addition to having access to work, the advantages are many: inspiration; access to high-quality photos; avoiding copyright problems, diversity of content, and finally, but not least, being able to print images in good quality.

See below 5 free image banks for you to enjoy – and a paid one that is worth it for those who want to invest. Some have premium versions that are paid for, but all offer at least part of the collection for free.


Completely free and with a wide variety of amazing images, Unsplash is very well categorized, which makes it much easier to search. It is not mandatory to give credit to photographers – although it is always recommended – so this can facilitate your work on some occasions when it is not possible to also put text, for example.

Raw Pixel

Raw Pixel is well known for its vast collection and for distributing its photos in other image banks. It is possible to have free access to various photographs, illustrations, and vector, it is also possible to make a premium subscription – which opens up a new range of possibilities. The last point that highlights Raw is the category of public domain that has beautiful photos and allows the knowledge of old works that can even turn other works if you want.


The main feature of Reshot is the quality. The bank does not have a collection as diverse as the others mentioned but stands out for a very artistic aesthetic in most of its photos. All images are free for commercial and non-commercial use, allowing you to change them if you think it is necessary.


Nappy is one of the first exclusive image banks of black people. Created with the aim of reducing the difficulty in finding racialized people on specialized sites, something that was already much more present and is changing gradually, it is completely free and has mainly everyday photos.

Young, gifted, and black

YGB is the first image bank created exclusively by black women, from programming to photo content. The value of the images varies according to the resolution, and it is possible to download smaller files free of charge. The bank is quite new and its collection is still reduced, but it is possible to find great photos of everyday life, and also contribute through donations to its growth of it.


This photo bank is the first Brazilian focused on LGBTIQIA+ representation. The project seeks to transform the way the LGBTIQIA+ population is represented in Brazilian advertising. Its terms, provided for use in non-commercial purposes, have a license that allows adaptations and transformations of images.

Bonus: iStock

Classic site for the download of photosiStock belongs to Getty Images and is a pioneer on the internet when it comes to buying high-quality images. Your material can only be accessed by purchasing licenses that vary according to the amount, exclusivity, and possibilities of use of the files – photographs, illustrations, vector files, and videos.

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