5 fantastic marketing teachings you'll use

5 fantastic marketing teachings you’ll use

Entering the entrepreneurial area requires many skills, marketing included, to overcome obstacles and deal with challenges, but be amazed: this is not as complex as you believe it to be. Marketing is the solution to your problems! We discuss  5 marketing teachings that you will use to undertake. Follow the content!

Entrepreneurship and marketing

Beginning this undertaking is to make a great leap toward the unknown. It is normal for disagreements to arise as to what is expected. For some, the greatest difficulty at the time of planning is the financial part of the business. Most of the time people understand the marketing part of marketing because of the experience. However, the whole process of taking care of finances, cash, working capital, accounts payable and receivable, pro-labor, and investments become the ‘enemy’. 

Overcoming the challenge, today there are new confrontations. For some, the difficulty is the lack of time (for balancing entrepreneurship with CLT) and knowing how to optimize the demands to have more time to focus on creating collections and growing the business in the medium and long term. This whole experience results in a lot of learning. 

“There are different types of investments that you can apply to your business.”

There are many ways you can market your business organically – content on social networks, for example. But if you were to choose a tool that requires a certain investment, it’s unboxing. Nowadays, the consumer does not just want to receive the order at home. People are looking to live an experience and show the purchase on social networks. Investing in the unboxing of your brand is an excellent strategy to retain customers and win new consumers.

Marketing Team

“Social media can be more effective than you think.”

Instagram is a powerful tool. All businesses need to use the features that the platform offers – reels, stories, IGTV, shopping bags, etc. The second most important social media platform is TikTok. Because of its exponential growth and because it is a network that is growing to be as popular as Instagram. Being in it can be a competitive advantage depending on your market/niche.

On the other hand, in addition to promoting your products, you must show what happens in the day-to-day of your business. Consumers like to know what a company’s behind-the-scenes look like. Show the manufacturing process (if any), packing orders, creating content, difficulties (because you always have), and everything that can bring you closer together and make them feel part of the brand.

“Value for an authentic visual identity.”

The first step in starting to plan your own visual identity is to consider authenticity. The business reflects the personality of those behind it. Make sure to be yourself. There are thousands of businesses in the same field as yours. Putting who you are is what makes your business unique!

The second step is to develop a brand universe that conveys the sensations and messages you would like to pass on to your business. 

Tip: Create a mood board with photos, textures, drawings, colors, fonts, and phrases that represent your brand.

“Maintaining a relationship with your customers is essential.”

The customer relationship begins long before an order is made. It starts when the consumer has a question and your company responds quickly. Using language that is approachable and makes them feel special. When we have contact with a company that demonstrates this, the sale becomes much more natural and the loyalty process will be more successful!

“Focus on the process of professionalizing your business.”

Do not leave the process of professionalization of your business for later. If you want to grow, do all the bureaucratic parts right now so you don’t have to do it in the future when things work out. Once you get there, you’ll have to think about growth in the medium and long term, as well as taking care of the business side – all at the same time! 

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