10 Essential Materials for Clinics and Hospitals

10 Essential Materials for Clinics and Hospitals

The practice of virtually storing data has dominated the market. But medical clinics and hospitals still need good stationery – a strong marketing strategy to represent identity and show professionalism to your clients. We offer items that are fully customized for your office.

There can be no shortage:

We list the essential items for building a good impression for your office. Stay on top of the significance of each of them and customize them to fit your clinics’ identity.

Business card

Clinic Business Cards

An indispensable item in any clinic. The business card is also the gateway to your office. Allowing you to win new customers without leaving the memory of the old ones. 

In the definitive guide, you’ll find tips on how to apply creativity to highlight the most important information about your clinic or hospital. Explore the extensive utilities by turning the object into a reminder tool for your patients. They’re endless possibilities!


Clinic Business Folders

A folder is an important tool for the organization of reports, examinations, and documents. The availability of this material to patients is important to clinics since it transmits a sense of organization and care between formal processes.


Using stickers is a great technique to represent signs that help the referral of patients to the correct place, besides being able to highlight information in the environment. There are numerous strategic formats that you can explore!

In addition, today they have become indispensable in the list of preventive methods against Covid. If used correctly, it can maintain social distancing intuitively.


Like the folder, the envelope is a balanced visual and organizational item. To the point where he transmits a good image of his office, he also assists in the organization of documents, exams, and appointments.


The use of letterhead inside clinics is a way to portray conversation data, such as attestation or special needs. There must be an over-the-art dedication to the construction of art as a way to consolidate your professional image.

Prescription pad

An official document, the prescription is completed during consultations to request the purchase of medicines. Investing in the aesthetics of this item is to take your company’s image elsewhere.


You can never take too many notes. Therefore, it is essential to have a notebook to keep information top of mind. Whether the content is the organization of your days and times, always have a little block in the drawer.


The folder may contain all information about your office, including exams, appointments, prices, location, office hours, or any other point you find relevant. It’s a key piece.


Similar to the folder, the flyer can carry the function of informing, also fitting an institutional approach to your office.


Finally – and not least – a good catalog is responsible for bringing effectiveness to the communication of your office so that all the information and needs required by the services provided are explicit.

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